How to Get Gold in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has a ton of currencies, each serving a different purpose. Lost Ark Gold is still king, though, and whether you’re looking to upgrade your shiny gear or buy yourself a fancy skin, you’ll want some of that shiny metal in your pockets. But are there viable ways to get Lost Ark gold in Lost Ark without having to buy more game coins online? Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can do so.

Complete the Abyssal Dungeons

This is an endgame activity that you can complete once per week to earn a multitude of rewards, including Lost Ark gold. These dungeons come in various tiers, and some even feature both a normal and a hard mode. For instance, in Tier 3, Aira’s Oculus dungeon rewards you with 200 Lost Ark gold on Normal difficulty and 300 on Hard. 

Visit Adventure Islands

Usually, you can complete these activities once per day to claim gold Lost Ark, among other rewards. However, if you happen to be playing on the weekend, you can gather these rewards twice per day! Time to cancel your weekend plans, perhaps?

Keep in mind, though, that Adventure Islands don’t always get you Lost Ark gold. That being said, the other rewards you’ll be getting, including Providence Stones and Soul Leafs, make it worth your time anyway.

Trade in Una’s Tokens

You won’t always be able to farm gold Lost Ark directly. In fact, most of the time, you’ll be exchanging other resources or currencies for it. One such method is accumulating Una’s Token by completing both daily and weekly quests. You will then have the option to trade them for random chests. If Lady Luck is on your side, you’ll get your hands on a handsome amount of Lost Ark gold.

Earn Rift Pieces from Chaos Gates

Continuing the trend of trading currencies, let’s talk about Chaos Gates. These are team-based activities that occur every few days, pitting you against wave after wave of enemies that you have to defeat within a time limit. Doing so successfully will grant you Rift Pieces. Your path to gold Lost Ark through this method is as follows:

  1. Trade in Rift Pieces for secret maps found at different vendors across the cities.
  2. The map will give you access to multiple rewards; we want to focus on Shard Pouches.
  3. Sell these Shard Pouches in the market to earn Lost Ark gold.

Crafting Saleable items at Stronghold

While this is one of the more difficult methods on this list, it can pay off if you time things right. You might recall that your Stronghold is unlocked around Level 25. Usually, it’s used for crafting items for yourself and assisting with daily activities. Why not use it to earn some gold Lost Ark?

Research what items are selling the most and check their resource requirements as well as crafting time. Then, sell them! Remember that timing is key here, and a slight delay in planning could be the difference in whether you make a profit or not.

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