9 Other Ways to Say “Great Asset to the Team”

Calling someone an excellent team member is a good way to boost their status at work. You can use a simple phrase like, but other options also catch your attention.

This article has made a list of the best sayings to help you find another way for saying “great asset to the team.”

Is It Good to Say “Great Asset to the Team”?

It is proper to say that a person is “great asset to the team.” It’s really nice praise you can give when someone matters much in your business.

Check this sample if you need more assist with it:

We think David is a “great asset to the team.” Without him, we cannot stay in business.

  • It’s a great way to make yourself (or someone else) look better.
  • It’s good and professional to put in a resume.
  • It’s not creative because there are so many other choices.
  • It’s very usual, which means it gets used a bit too much.

“Great asset to the team” is surely one of the best words to put in a resume. Still, it’s not only this you can write down there.

Keep going to find out how you can say that a person is very helpful for the team. We’ve also given examples of resumes to help you.

Better Ways to Say Instead of “Great Asset to the Team”

  • Valuable member of the team
  • Well suited to the role
  • A big part of the team
  • Instrumental member of the team
  • Worthy addition to the team
  • Useful part of the team
  • A genuine asset
  • A solid member of the team
  • A dependable team player

1. Valuable Member of the Team

Another synonym option to say “Great Asset to the Team” is “Valuable Member of the Team”

It lets an employer see that someone was a executive worker for the company before and will probably do it well in their new job.

It’s a good one to use in a reference. If someone asked you to write good things, this is a nice way to make the reader want to use the referee. In the end, it’s very important to be a valuable member of a team.

See demo examples to help more:

Adeel is Valuable Member of the Team. It’s good to hire him and see what he can do for the company.

Mariya is Valuable Member of the Team. Her absence would have stopped us from reaching half of what our current successes are.

2. Well Suited to the Role

“Well Suited to the Role” is another nice choice instead of “Great Asset to the Team.”

We suggest using this when making a resume. It proves that you believe you’re suitable for a new job.

It is a surefire way to sell yourself in your resume. In the end, it tells a new boss that you think of yourself highly and know what good stuff you can add to any business who gives you workplace.

Check resume samples for how to use:

I would be Well Suited to the Role you want to give. I have shown my abilities by working in previous jobs.

I am Well Suited to the Role. So, I believe that hiring me would be a good choice and you won’t feel sorry for this opportunity.

3. A Big Part of the Team

You can say that a person is ” A Big Part of the Team” to help convince others at a new job.

It shows you care about them as part of the team and want to see them win.

For example, a worker might ask you to create them a reference. Adding a line like this means you think they had an important part in your business.

This is a good way to get an old worker from your company when you hire a new one.

Check the Following samples:

You are a big part of the team. We have done a lot because of you and all that you’ve given.

We want to give you a full-time job because you’ve been a big part of the team.

4. Instrumental Member of the Team

Who doesn’t like being “instrumental” to a team or course? It is an amazing word for someone who is very important in supporting others.

In the end, it tells you that they are needed more than anything else at work well. Their skills and talents matter too!

So, it’s naturally a good method to recommend someone in job references or resumes. We strongly suggest using it if you want to make someone look really good in a painting.

Many new workers will be shocked to find out someone played an important role and they’ll want to give them a job right away.

These Demo will also assist you with it:

She is an Instrumental Member of the Team. Certainly, we would feel sad if she left.

I am an Instrumental Member of the Team. Much of my job has played a big role in making the company what it is now.

5. Worthy Addition to the Team

If someone is a “Worthy Addition to the Team,” it means they’re simple to work with.

It also indicates that they assist the team in any way possible during each chance. So, you can’t make a mistake using this kind of words.

We suggest adding this to a reference list. It shows how much you care about a person as an employee. If they’re searching for a new job in another place, this is an excellent way to send them away kindly.

Check samples if you still confused:

He will be a good Worthy Addition to the Team. Wait a bit for him to get used, and you’ll see his skills.

I was a Worthy Addition to the Team. They didn’t know how to move forward until I arrived and aided them.

6. Useful Part of the Team

You can also state that someone is “Useful Part of the Team” if you want to use a more positive and clear way.

Usually, this is good in a resume because it shows you are helpful to be with.

Using a word like “useful” means you have abilities that other team members might not.

So, this lets an potential employer know they should choose you. In the end, they will want to find out what makes you so helpful.

Check out these samples will also help you to understand it:

I will Useful Part of the Team. When you hire me, my experience should be clear. I have lots of it.

Yes, I am a Useful Part of the Team that I’m now in. But, I want to see what choices are available for me.

7. A Genuine Asset

“Genuine” is a very interesting word to use when writing. If you say someone is “a genuine asset,” it means they never mess up their work.

It also implies that you wouldn’t have gone far without someone helping.

We strongly suggest using this saying if you want to persuade someone in a good light. It implies that you truly care about an employee’s work speed and skill

You should definitely use it when writing a reference for one of your best workers.

Some samples for how to use:

We would be a genuine asset if we lost him, as he is a true value. But you’ll take care of him well.

She will really a genuine asset. Please think about her for the part before you search somewhere else.

8. A Solid Member of the Team

“A solid member of the team” is a good phrase to use in any situation.

Of course, saying “solid” as an adjective seems more like talking with friends or family. But, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to put it on a resume.

You can use “a solid member of the team” when making a CV for an informal place of work. 

It demonstrates that you think you’ll be a good match for the company and anticipate doing great things for them.

Still unsure check these examples:

I was a solid member of the team when I worked at the company. I hope I can show this when we work together.

She is a solid member of the team. We wouldn’t have done well without her help in our group projects.

9. A Dependable Team Player

Working together is a great thing to show when you’re looking for new jobs. Usually, a job description will need teamwork.

That’s why “a dependable team player” is a good way to talk about yourself or an employee.

If a person is dependable, it means you can count on them for assistance. If they are part of a team, it shows you believe in them to work with others. So, they are some of the best people to get a job from.

You need to add this phrase in a resume or reference, based on who you are writing for. It’s a good way to get someone hired by a new boss.

Check these examples to more understand:

Joel is definitely a dependable team player. He knows just what we need for our group tasks.

You are a dependable team player. It would be tough to accomplish many of these things without you here to assist us.

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