10 Better Ways to Say “Have a Great Weekend” in an Email

It is always fun and friendly to say goodbye to someone at the end of a work week. Maybe you want to write “have a great weekend.” But is it the most suitable wording for an e-mail?

In this article, however, we will discuss another way of saying “have a great weekend” in the context of an English formal email so that you might not run short on interesting phrases to choose from.

How to Respond to Say “Have a Great Weekend”?

It is polite way to say “have a great weekend.” This sentence is the most everyday way of saying goodbye from colleagues and employees after workdays.

It’s formal enough to be included in most emails at the end of each week. It’s also polite, so it is a balanced option most of the time.

This example should clarify it for you:

Have a great weekend, Mian. I hope you enjoy it.

  • It’s a very courteous way to say bye-bye.
  • It gives the impression that you care for your colleagues’ personal lives beyond work.
  • It’s generic and overused.
  • The phrase may be insensitive to those people who perhaps do not have pleasant plans.

“Have a great weekend” is a fine professional saying, but it’s nice to have some synonyms at your fingertips in order not to repeat the same thing over and over.

You better continue reading to find out about the best alternatives of ‘have a great weekend.’ There are heaps of options after all!

What is Another Way to Say “Have a Great Weekend”?

  • I hope you have the best weekend
  • Have a great time away
  • Make the most of your time off
  • See you on Monday
  • Enjoy the weekend
  • Enjoy your time away from work
  • Have a blessed weekend
  • See you next week
  • Relax over the weekend
  • Have a Good One

1. I Hope You Have the Best Weekend

The simplest way to replace such a phrase as “have a great weekend” is by saying, ” I hope you have the best weekend”. People only need to substitute “greats’ with ‘best’.

“Best” is the superlative of ‘good’. It demonstrates that you mean well by wishing someone to have an amazing weekend. It’s great when you know that the person likes his spare time from work.

It’s also kind of nice to include this one in an email. It may also be used when mailing a good colleague.

The following email example will help you:

Dear Saman,

I wish you have a great weekend. I’m eager to hear what you being back on Monday.

My best,

2. Have a Great Time Away

You can say “have a great time away” when you know someone has some plans over the weekends. It is the message that you listen to them and want they spend their time away from work being at its best.

For instance, a friend may have told you they are taking a city break for the weekend. If you remember that conversation, it is ending worthy of putting this quotation into an email to make sure they have a good time.

From this sample email, you can learn more about it:

Dear Peder,

Have a great time away. Put us in touch when you return so we can collaborate on the project.


3. Make the Most of Your Time Off

Workers have a hard time switching off after they leave the workplace. It is also very difficult to enjoy the weekend as work takes a toll. That’s why phrases such as “make the most of your time off” are so effective.

This alternative should be used to remind someone to enjoy him or herself. It tells them that they have some days off work, so they must try to enjoy those days and unwind a little bit.

So you can also check this email sample to assist yourself:

Dear Jarry,

Please, make the most of your time off. When Monday comes again, everyone must be geared up to hit the ground running.

Mr. Kare

4. See You on Monday

Ok, technically speaking, “see you on Monday” doesn’t quite fit in the same manner as the rest. It does not directly tell a person to have a nice weekend. 

Instead, it suggests that you might look forward to seeing them after the weekend when both are back at work.

It is still a good phrase in the majority of business emails. It serves its purpose as a farewell at the end of the week once you have nothing else to say to your colleagues.

Below is an example email to guide you through it:

Dear Finger,

This week, thank you for helping me. Without you, I could never have done it. See you on Monday!

All the best,

5. Enjoy the Weekend

You can always simplify things with “Enjoy the weekend.” It’s a good word to use when bidding farewell at the end of the week, you don’t need to talk too much or complicate this phrase.

It’s better to keep it short in an email. Then, you can make clear what you want to say and close the email shortly (if there is no other essential information that should be added).

You can also rely on this sample email to help you:

Dear Member,

Enjoy the weekend! We have a busy week ahead of us starting Monday, so you should be fresh and sharp for it.

Holly Stone

6. Enjoy Your Time Away From Work

Almost every worker looks forward to time off work. That’s another great phrase to use in an email to keep it friendly and relatable and you should play into that by saying “enjoy your time away from work.”

You can use it when addressing a group of workers. it reveals your desire for them all to enjoy themselves when they’re out of work. It’ll give them the feeling that you are on their level (even if you rule over them) and want what’s best for them, come the weekend.

This email sample is what will assist you in case you still doubt:

Dear Team,

Enjoy your time away from work. I wish you all have a good time and return fresh after your trip.

Kind regards,
Mr. Blank

7. Have a Blessed Weekend

There are times when “blessed” is a good adjective. But beware of it though.

“Have a blessed weekend” presents itself as a more respectful alternative to “have a great weekend.” “Blessed” may stand in for the word “great” if you are addressing someone on a formal basis who is religious.

Well, “blessed” is not that successful when a person doesn’t practice religion. It is better to stick with the actual expression “have a good weekend” if you know that an individual does not like this adjective “blessed”.

See this example to make you understand how it works:

Dear Racher,

I wish you have a blessed weekend. Though, I suppose you’ll manage to find a lot of interesting things to do.

Kind regards,

8. See You Next Week

Keep in mind, the weekend is typically considered the end of working days. Or, you could say something like “see you next week.” Of course, if it’s the weekend and you’re talking to a colleague, then see them again on Monday.

In this instance, Monday – “next week” is all about the beginning of the working week and it is a colloquial way to wish someone goodbye on Friday.

This can also be a nice example to refer to when you need it:

Dear Chell,

Tell me when you arrive. I hope you enjoy your time off. See you next week.

All the best,
Duncan Brent

9. Relax Over the Weekend

We always try to encourage our colleagues to rest up after a hard week. it’s great because it means that you care about them outside work and do not want them to burn out.

Something like “relax over the weekend” is an imperative phrase that means you care. It tells people to be easy going and not over do things.

The weekends are to relax and chill.

Here is a short email example to demonstrate this process.

Dear Christ,

I hope you still find time to relax over the weekend. Well, we have a busy week ahead of us next week.

Kind regards,

10. Have a Good One

It is quite all right to use “have a good one” as an informal word for “have a great weekend”. However, you can only properly apply this phrase if there has been other closure in the discussion that naturally denotes that it is about the weekend.

“Have a good one” has a less versatile quality as opposed to “have a great weekend.”

As such, this is the type of phrase that you should only use when addressing someone with whom you have friendly and informal relationships, because it carries a much more casual feel.

“Have a great weekend” is still the best option, but this is a good phrase to use if you want something more casual.

Here are the sentences with “have a good one”:

I log off for the week now. I hope you Have a good one and will be back on Monday.

We’re going to close a little early today. Everyone, off you go home and have a good one!

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