10 Other Ways to Say “Excited About the Opportunity”

News of a new job is always good news. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to make a good impression on your recruiter or employer by sharing your enthusiasm in the most professional way.

Is “excited about the opportunity” the most professional option?

In this article, we will look at some synonyms that could be used instead of saying “excited about the opportunity.”

How to Say “Excited About the Opportunity”?

The professional thing to say is “excited about the opportunity.“ It works well in business emails, as it states that an individual is enthusiastic about a new prospect (say, maybe of a job interview for a new position).

To new employers, we suggest that you use this After all, there is never harm in showing them how much you are interested.

Read this sample to assist you with it:

I’m excited about the opportunity to working with you and launching my career in this field.

  • It’s a great flare to indicate enthusiasm at professional level.
  • It’s very polite.
  • That is not the most inventive phrase.
  • It’s a bit overused.

A good option for formal emails certainly is, “excited about the opportunity”. Always stick with this choice if you can. However, no harm in having a few alternatives ready to vary things.

So continue reading when you learn how to say “excited about the opportunity” professionally as we have given alternatives and examples for each.

Other ways to Say “Excited About the Opportunity”

  • I am very much looking forward
  • I’m excited about this chance
  • I’m very eager
  • I’m very enthusiastic
  • I’m so keen
  • Excited about the prospect
  • Happy to be given this opportunity
  • Keen to get the chance
  • Proud of this opportunity
  • I Appreciate the Opportunity

1. I Am Very Much Looking Forward

To have new leading options in our life is always an exciting. Definitely, try to emphasize the excitement by changing “I am very much looking forward” for ‘excited about the opportunity’ in either email or a cover letter.

It indicates that you are enthusiastic to begin something revolutionary. Such a phrase as this will act like most new employers to catch its glance on the enthusiasm and potential you have. Thus, it is advisable to apply so as to prove hiring you.

This will also give you a hand with this email example:

Dear Ms. Adams,

I am very much looking forward for this position. I look forward to the chance of being vindicated.

Charlie Ben

2. I’m Excited About This Chance

As a simple but formal formula, try saying that you are “I’m excited about this chance”. This is an excellent phrase for many business emails as it shows your excitement towards what the future holds having acquired such vital chance to prove yourself.

This may be used when emailing an employer. If you have recently been given a job, this is an excellent moment to introduce yourself and prove your willingness to find out where the path will lead.

Here is an example of a sample email:

Dear Ms. Holly,

I’m excited about this chance and looking forward to becoming part of the team. I am positive that will be a perfect for me.


3. I’m Very Eager

One of the sentences that can replace “excited about the opportunity” is “I’m very eager” for it. It really suits if you need to be more polite and official as well.

In most cases, it is an effective way to introduce a new opportunity as often used in emails. For example you might have received an interview invitation. 

The expression “I’m very eager” implies that you are waiting impatiently to get an interview and establish the right connection with a recruiter so he or she knows what contribution cause can be for this company.

Here is an ideal email sample that will illustrate how it works:

Dear Dr. Schuh,

I’m very eager to interviewing with you on Friday. What should I bring in?

Kind regards,

4. I’m Very Enthusiastic

The phrase “I’m very enthusiastic” is a good one to use in most business emails when accepting an offer job because it indicates that you are keen on embracing the new role. 

You will normally reveal a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to see if you can actually do the task on offer.

By showing you’re enthusiastic, you will persuade employers to hire and give a chance. This is a wonderful way to portray yourself in an improved light. In the early years of employment, it can’t be wrong.

This sample email might clarify things more for you:

Dear Ms. Dunphy,

I’m very enthusiastic to learning more. This meeting should benefit both of us equally.

Kind regards,

5. I’m So Keen

It is better to say “I’m so keen” because you are ready for a new challenge. This works for when accepting a new job offer as well as emailing the new employer.

This one is very suitable if you want to give expression to your real passion for a job. Of course, this will help you show that are a worthy employee. It will illustrate that you value the position more than most would and are ready to do all possible effort.

Alternatively, you may also use this email template:

Dear Ms. Clarkson,

I’m so keen in getting more knowledge from you. I have always respected your discipline, and I think we will be a great fit.

Adrian More

6. Excited About the Prospect

The words ‘prospect’ and ‘opportunity’ are almost the same terms in business language. As such, our suggestion is to alternate between “excited about the opportunity” and “excited about the prospect.”

As a result of this change between messages we can keep things interesting.

You can use either phrase. The phrase “Excited about the prospect” works best when emailing new colleagues. This informs them that you are eager to cooperate which suggests that it is desirable for both sides, and you may achieve a lot as part of the team

Here is an example which may be helpful for you as well:

Dear Hillary,

I’m excited about the prospect to our collaboration. I would like my interview to be successful for me because then, You will have a new colleague.

All the best,
Free Mars

7. Happy to Be Given This Opportunity

Sharing positive emotions with someone after having applied for a job is not wrong. It is a wonderful way to show enthusiasm for part. You can type it, “happy to be given this opportunity.”

An email of this phrase to the recruiter will indicate that you are proud about getting interview offer. 

In most cases, this shows that you are thrilled to assume a specific job role even before the interview process begins and creates good rapport with your possible new employer.

You can also use this email sample:

Dear Mrs. Smythe,

I’m so happy to be given this opportunity to apply for this position. I hope, to show that it was worth hiring me.

All the best,
Suza Shaw

8. Keen to Get the Chance

It could be more refreshing to say that you are “keen to get the chance” as opposed to being enthusiastic about an opportunity. It is an appropriate one to use in formal e-mails when you have been given a good offer.

Normally, this phrase is fitting when writing emails to new employers. It indicates that you had a job already and are eager to get started.

When you say it, the majority of employers will be excited about your passion. It is good to use this to prompt them that they made the correct decision when hiring you.

For your benefit, here also is an example:

Dear Mr. Olsen,

I’m very keen to get the chance of operating with this team on Monday. I can’t wait to meet everyone and watch how the office works.

Rebecca Tan

9. Proud of This Opportunity

When something good and new comes your way, you should feel proud. Statement like a new position or an occasion to give a presentation might be just what you need. 

Then, if you are proud of yourself, then say that you have “proud of this opportunity.”

It indicates that you value the opportunity given to you by employers. It’s an excellent means of demonstrating that you are a committed and dedicated employee. Indeed, true passionate employees are rare these days.

If there is any doubt let me just give an example of this:

Dear Ms. Powers,

I’m proud of this opportunity that you won’t regret entrusting me with your task. I will also be there in the future.

Kind regards,
Benjamin Dick

10. I Appreciate the Opportunity

If you’re wondering what to write when trying to say that “I’m excited about the opportunity,” professionally, we would recommend using more polite and enthusiastic word choice alternative like “I appreciate the opportunity.”

You can employ this phrase when you have been given a place on a new job position or even an opportunity to attend the interview. It is also applicable in a collaborative situation.

It is not better than “I’m excited about the opportunity,” but it does emphasize how thankful you are. Thus, you can employ this substitute to rephrase your communication in emails.

Let’s consider an email example where this phrase can be applied:

Dear Kembi,

Thank a lot. I appreciate the opportunity to work at your company was my dream for a long time.

Kind regards,

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