11 Professional Synonyms for “Please Let Me Know”

There are multiple reasons for the “please let me know” phrase to be used in an email. It may be because you are asking for advice or setting up a meeting. 

Whichever one, does it make sense to use professional synonyms for “please let me know” that would make the business emails sound better?

Here we have selected the best synonyms to try that how to say “please let me know” professionally and in the appropriate way.

Say “Please Let Me Know” is it Politely

It sounds professional to say “please let me know.” It is a very comprehensive phrase which shows you’d be happy to know someone will respond to you with the information.

We recommend it for this reason because it’s polite and formal. You can’t find a better and more professional way of addressing subordinate or co-workers.

For example:

  • Please let me know if you need any assistance with your project.
  • Please let me know if you’d like to reschedule our appointment.
  • Please let me know if you prefer a different seating arrangement for the event.
  • It encompasses all the phases and suits many cases.
  • It’s very polite.
  • It is, indeed, a rather generic way to begin an email.
  • Some writers hate “I’ll let you know” in formal contexts because it sounds needy.

There’s nothing bad about “please let me know.” You are already using one of the most universal power phrases in an email.

Nevertheless, it can be a good idea to explore your options and try to keep the writing interesting.

In conclusion, apart from saying, “please let me know,” there are other ways you can also say it. For each of the phrases, we have provided an example to show you how they’d be used in case of a situation.

Ways to Say “Please Let Me Know” in Formal

  • Please advise
  • Please inform me
  • Please tell me
  • Please notify me
  • Keep me updated
  • Keep me up to date
  • Please keep me posted
  • Reach out
  • Contact me
  • Get in touch

1. Please Advise

Another synonym to say “please let me know” is “please advise.” It can be very effective in formal emails as you’re seeking advice from the recipient. Usually it is most effective when you use email to get in touch with your boss.

Reference to your colleagues is rarely carried out as asking them for advice on something. This is because 1) they might have the same information as you have. 

In contrast, it is more beneficial to ask someone (as your boss or supervisor) who is more knowledgeable to “advise” you on the next steps.

Do not forget to reference the example of an email as well:

Hi [Recipient],

I hope this email finds you well. Could you please advise on the revised deadline for the project? Thank you.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

2. Please Inform Me

In case you need another sample of how to say “please let me know” in an email, here it is: “please inform me.” This is a clear indication that you are looking forward to receiving the new information from the recipient.

The thought is that they are supposed to keep you “informed” as soon as they have something to talk about. 

Thus, you’ll have to incorporate it in your correspondence with clients you’re working with. It means that you are willing to stand up for someone and you are prepared to do your best for them.

Here is an email example to help you understand how it’s done:

Dear [Recipient],

Could you please inform me of the current project status at your earliest convenience?

Best regards,

[Your Name]

3. Please Tell Me

A slightly less complex option is “please tell me so.” You can substitute “tell me” with “let me know” in most business messages to indicate that you want to be informed.

“Tell me” might sound too conversational. Nevertheless, it’s a common phrasal choice, which is used in written contexts.

Definitely, it will be very helpful if you will apply it to emailing. It makes you look very good, and you can establish a good relationship with them.

Here you have a sample email which illustrates how to use it:

Hi [Recipient],

Please tell me if you received the latest updates on the project. Looking forward to your response.


[Your Name]

4. Please Notify Me

May be you are expecting to get concrete information. It might be that you will be asked to find out when that happens. 

Hence, don’t miss the reminder “please notify me” in your emails which means that you want to be informed when it is relevant.

Usually, “please notify me” is used when you expect or you are waiting for the other person to give feedback. However, they may not reply immediately, so you can use it to ask the other person to update you as soon as the new response is received.

This one also could be used as an example:

Dear Team,

Please notify me immediately if there are any changes to the upcoming meeting schedule. Thank you.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

5. Keep Me Updated

Another way is by using the words “keep me updated” instead of “please let me know”. This shows that you really want to be updated with your client especially if they have queries that they want to ask you.

In this way, you, as the professional, can assure that the client is not going to do anything that doesn’t require your help. 

It helps you connect with the customer to become a trusted source where they will share their progress and how they feel about the services.

The sample email provided you with the skills to do it:

Hi [Name],

Please keep me updated on all developments.

Thank you!

[Your Name]

6. Keep Me Up to Date

It’s good to have your email inbox up to date all the time. That’s why the sentence “keep me up to date” is so good.

It makes it clear that you’d like to be informed about something by a recipient who may be keeping you up-to-date via email.

We propose using this when writing to colleagues by email. That means you’re ready for them to tell you when something just happened that you both are discussing.

As a suggestion, you may consider the email sample attached:

Hi [Name],

Could you please keep me up to date on the progress of [specific project/task]?


[Your Name]

7. Please Keep Me Posted

You can use the phrase “please keep me posted” when you would like someone to email you again. It shows that you are interested in their response, which can be for their ideas or questions that you relate to.

Take a case in point, you will use it when emailing your colleagues to set up a meeting. 

It means that you are suggesting that they do let you know when they will be getting more information about their schedule and then update you about a suitable time.

Check out this example if you are yet to be sure:

Hi Team,

Hope all is well. Can you please keep me posted on the latest developments regarding the project? Thanks!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

8. Reach Out

Sometimes it can seem very easy, but “reach out” is better than “please let me know.” It’s also a quite useful option as it can be useful in a lot of different contexts.

Anything can be the part that comes before “reach out” in a business email as long as it makes the person respond to you.

You can also use “reach out” as a stand alone phrase in order to encourage someone to email you. It is still an effective and polite way to go about it.

Let me show you a simple case to make it clear for you:

Hi [Name],

I wanted to reach out and discuss [topic]. When’s a good time for a quick call?


[Your Name]

9. Contact Me

The alternative solution to “please let me know” which is “Contact me” gives out the fact that you are a reliable person. 

You can use it when you would like somebody to drop by a message or contact you if they might be troubled or need to talk about something with you.

This phrase allows me to start an email business quite well. It does this by showing you that you want someone to reply to you when they have something they want to go over with you. 

That is when you email your customers and they have a method to contact your company at a later date.

This template also serve you as a guide if you’re lack of an idea:

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding scheduling a product demo?


[Your Name]

10. Kindly Notify Me

In case you are asking how to politely say “please let me know” you could use the more formal mis of “kindly notify me.”

This phrase usually suffices when addressing colleagues either at work or school. Moreover, it may be tailored perfectly to an email exchange where you want someone to notify you once there are any changes or updates in a specific issue.

“Please let me know” is an equivalent substitute to ‘please let me know’ but when one wants to sound more formal and polite, this can be used.

This will be an example of a phrase being used in an email message:

Dear [Recipient],

Kindly notify me upon completion of the task. Thank you.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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