10 Synonyms for “Including But Not Limited to”

Are you looking for an alternative of “including but not limited to” that is more concise than the original term?

There are many other good alternatives and we’ll explain how they matter!

How to use “Including and not limited to”?

You may say “including but not limited to” though a bit redundant. It may not be all that effective in the more formal settings. Indeed, “including” alone usually works rather effectively even without the added “but not limited to.”

Consider this speedy sample to present the use of the phrase:

We subscribe to these rules as well, including but not limited to deadlines

  • This serves as an excellent method to separate something specific from other variables.
  • It’s a very short sentence that is widely used by the people.
  • It’s generally redundant.
  • As “including” works just as well, you should not use it formally.

In conclusion, one can use “including but not limited to” since it is an unnecessary word.

In essence, let’s change the scene, shall we? One should always keep changing word phrases he is using even if it is just to use them in a different context and in any way this helps to enrich one’s writing.

So, we have collected 10 alternative words to the phrase “including but not limited to” and now we only need to add useful ones for you to your articles.

Another Way to Say “Including But Not Limited to”

  • Including
  • Not forgetting
  • Options include
  • The options are
  • For instance
  • Could be
  • In this case
  • Not limited to
  • Together with
  • A Non-Exhaustive List Includes (Formal)

1. Including

It might just seem a little bit redundant to delete “but not limited to,” but “including” already fits the bill nicely. 

That sounds like a very formal way to organize a list and enumerate more specialized things, even though you may not be covering everything.

For instance, let us consider three choices to choose from (A, B and C):

The options available to us including A.

Thus, you can “include” the deal with number one but show that there are others without describing them. 

Indeed, you illustrated that three options have been chosen since that one has utilized the plural form, “three options,” leaving a choice for the individual.

Some examples to understand it better here follow:

I will now be taking you through the revisions, including of those paragraphs that were cited earlier.

And, we will discuss these issues, including those that we thought we were done with.

2. Not Forgetting

The phrase of “not forgetting” can also be apply for “including but not limiting to”. It is a slightly more informal version to include items from a list. 

Yet, it’s still quite efficient even in some cases of business.

When you’re writing your resume, it is better to use “not forgetting” as opposed to performing any other activity. 

It’s a very good way to indicate that you have primarily many things to talk about with your potential employer (for instance, you may say not forgetting when promoting your skills).

These cases will help you in use it:

Amidst the chaos of the busy morning, Mary rushed out the door, not forgetting to grab her keys and phone.

In the rush to catch the train, Mark hurriedly packed his suitcase, not forgetting to include his passport and travel documents.

3. Options Include

In most cases, a list has several choices. Therefore, a simple list of “options include” sounds right when one wants to give a few options, which is not specified at all. 

This is why it is a good replacement for “including but not limited to.”

Presenting someone with some of the options on a longer list indicates that you have a couple of issues you want to talk about. 

Then, it can also act as a pathway to enable you to make better future decisions by learning from the choices that you’ve laid out.

These samples also aid you:

For the weekend getaway, options include hiking, visiting a museum, or simply relaxing at home.

Options include various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry for the ice cream party.

4. The Options Are

One nice way to list options is by using the phrase “the options are.” It is a direct sentence through which you sort the options without using elaborate phrases such as “including but not limited to.”

This phrase is more effective if it is used when writing essays and listing the choices. It cuts to the chase delivering a message in an engaging way such that you only pay attention to what you want to discuss and that which is relevant.

You can use these to help you:

The options are like a menu with many different dishes to choose.

The options are like different paths you can take.

5. For Instance

With the exception of this case, “for instance” is a good alternative to “including but not limited to.” It offers you an opportunity to give just a few examples in the sentence rather than going into the detail. 

It helps to ensure that information is expressed in a clear and concise manner, like when doing so with something similar to “also including” to list items.

Only “for instance” can be used when the lists contain one option, but usually not in the case of having multiple options. For example:

You have a option. For instance, I will be OK going with you

“Offer me to accompany you” is the other one. The use of “in fact” after “for instance” gives the sentence more zest without “and” or “or” to list the multiple points.

Maybe those examples will ease out the process for you:

For instance, when it rains, people usually carry umbrellas.

For instance, if you like animals, you might enjoy visiting the zoo.

6. Could Be

It’s good using something like “could be” if you want to talk casually about options and chances. It’s actually a perfect sentence if you’re speaking to your business partners and mentioning just a couple of them without listing them all.

This “could be” is a rather moderate phrase. The “could” use suggests that you’re not confident about the choices either. And that is why it’s not quite an appropriate expression for the corporate use.

These are the ones you should use to help you:

His sudden change in behavior could be a sign that something is bothering him.

I’m not sure if she’s coming to the party tonight; she said she could be busy with work.

7. In This Case

“In this case” might be another synonym of “including but not limited to.” This can provide the contextual options of a given situation.

A “case” can be different dependent on a situation. So “in this case” means that you already have a specific list of things/data which you want to share with someone. 

The referenced individual has to keep these in mind when making the decision of what is the most useful for them.

You can use this when you’re discussing with friends about ideas that you think can benefit them. In this example, they could be checking a resume and ask your help to choose out of several options.

Here are some sample sentences to show you how it works:

In this case, it’s better to bring an umbrella because it might rain.

In this case, the best solution is to ask for help from a teacher.

8. Not Limited To

“Including but not limited to” is self-sufficient by itself, but adding the word ‘including’ is a little bit redundant, thus it would be better to remove the word ‘including’ from the phrase. This aspect is where “not limited to” fits in.

It might be used when writing a resume and writing things in a form of a list. For example, it might be beneficial when you are demonstrating your skills in front of the prospective boss or new clients.

“Not limited to” refers to the fact that you’ve touched on the existing options but there are yet more other options as well. If the guest wishes to know about the other services, it will require him / her only to inquire.

Use these examples to follow:

The library has many books, not limited to just fiction or non-fiction.

You can play many sports, not limited to just soccer or basketball.

9. Together With

For me it is quite intriguing to put someone in a face of the choice. You can use “together with” if you want to indicate that there is some choice.

Such a one usually applies here when choosing/drawing up choices in contracts or resumes. It is the way to review specific information which could be necessary for that particular individual with whom you are speaking.

You can even try these to see how it works:

Sarah baked cookies together with her mom.

The teacher read a story together with the students.

10. A Non-Exhaustive List Includes (Formal)

A formal equivalent expression to “including but not limited to” is “a non-exhaustive list includes”.

We would advise  “including but not limited to” to be the most appropriate manner of expression for formal purpose in professional context. On the other hand, this choice is relevant when you want to use another language.

This is a manner of expression you can use confidently when addressing your superiors and the clients in whom it is important to show a professional image.

Here are some examples:

A non-exhaustive list includes fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas.

A non-exhaustive list includes colors such as red, blue, and green.

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